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Altergen provide free information on delivering renewable energy solutions in the UK.

Information provided on large wind turbine systems can assist in the decision making process on what particular system to install.  The list of turbines provided is not comprehensive and is given as a guide to the type of systems available.

This site provides installation, grid connection and maintenance information on large wind turbines for business, farms, public sector, schools, industry etc.  Produce your own electricity and sell the surplus back to the grid.  

Considerations for a typical project would include: Assessment of energy demand, assessment of available energy resources such as wind and solar, planning issues, cost calculations, pay back periods, financing options, design, supply, installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance requirements.

Solar Photovoltaics - the ideal low carbon power source.

The time has never been better to install Solar Photovoltaics (PV). The price of PV modules is considerably lower than in previous years and the Feed in Tariff has significantly improved the financial payback. Payback times have reduced,  making PV more affordable than ever. We would advise consumers to shop around for the best deals, however you should not compromise the quality of the products used or allow fitting by anyone other than a fully qualified and accredited installer.

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WE     LED.  

Altergen love LED lights. LED’s use up to 90% less electricity than standard lighting.

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UK energy companies are again imposing more massive price rises for homeowners and businesses alike, rises of over 10% are typical, this can amount to a rise of £120 per year for the average UK household.  One way to use less energy is to change your lighting to LED lights, these bulbs have a life of 20 years and use up to an incredible 90% less electricity than traditional lighting.  This can save you more money on electricity than your bill has increased by.  Altergen have teamed up with the UK's No 1 supplier of LED lighting LEDHUT, who have the cheapest prices for these bulbs on the net.  Compare prices with other well know retailers prices to confirm that these are the best prices in the UK.

Have you tried and tested Led light bulbs in the past and been disappointed with the results? Now is the time to take another look at the new generation Led bulbs! Contrary to popular believe, it is actually really easy to make the switch from traditional bulbs to Led bulbs! The great news is by simply making the switch, users benefit by saving up to 90% on their lighting bills. This is really great news for homes and equally businesses who can look forward to instant savings.

Led lights do however cost more from the outset. Rather than compare these costs pound for pound, think of the benefit of this investment:

Many companies now offer free solar panels for domestic properties, the householder will benefit from reduced electricity bills and the company will get the payment for the panels via the Feed In Tariff.  This can make it viable for the company providing the panels as they will get paid a greater sum overall for the panels over the course of the life of the panels.  The householder will benefit instantly from reduced bills without the up-front cost of the panels but will not ultimately make a profit from the Feed In Tariff.

Householders who purchase their panels outright will benefit from reduced electricity costs and payments via the Feed In Tariff and will ultimately earn more than the initial cost of the panels.

An interesting development is a device that diverts surplus electricity to the immersion heater in your hot water tank thus saving you gas,oil or electricity that you would otherwise use to heat the water.  In the summer months some households have reported that they have not needed to use their boiler for heating or hot water and that the solar panels have provided all the hot water they need.

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