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Northern Power Systems Northwind 100 - 100kW Wind Turbine

The Northwind 100 wind turbine gives economical, reliable power to grid connected systems all over the world.  Rated at 100 kW the Northwind 100 utilises the best technology available today, incorporating a permanent magnet generator and gearless design, maximizing the return on investment on small to medium sized wind energy projects.

High system availability - The NW100 is available as a single unit, within a short time frame, unlike many turbines of this size which are only available in larger quantities

Supplied on a 25m monopole tower (or taller) the NW100 is suitable for locations in which turbines on 18-20m hub heights are typically being recommended. The NW100 is also supported with noise data conducted to IEC standards.

Reliabilty and low maintenance - The manufacturers of the NW100  have been designing and engineering wind turbines and power systems for 30 years. They are a founding member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and are regularly asked to comment on turbine performance, design and engineering.

NW100 wind turbines are located throughout the world, including the South Pole, the Sahara Desert and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's National Wind Test Site at Golden, Colorado. Their turbines in Antarctica have successfully operated for almost 20 years in winds up to 88.5 m/s (198 mph) and temperatures as low as -80º C (-112º F).

NorthWind 100 wind turbine

Technical Specification


Type:                           3Ph Grid Connected

Configuration:               Horizontal Axis

Rotor Diameter:            19 m, 20 m

Centerline Hub Height:  25 m, 32 m, 37 m

Drive Train:                  Direct Drive


Turbine Class:               IEC WTGS Class S

Design Life:                  30 year

Design Standards:          In accordance with IEC 61400-1


Rated Electrical Power:  100 kW @15 m/s

Wind Speed Ratings:   

                                  Cut-in:  4 m/s

                                  Shut-down (high wind):  25 m/s

                                  Design speed:   59.5 m/s


Calculated Annual Output @ 100 % availability  

                                   5.0 m/s   150,300 kWh

                                  6.0 m/s   227,800kWh

                                  7.0 m/s   305,400 kWh


Type of Hub:                                 Fixed Pitch

Rotor Diameter:                            19 m, 20 m

Swept Area :                                284 m², 314 m²

Power Regulation :                        Variable Speed Stall

Number of Blades:                         3

Rotor Speed @ rated wind speed :  57 rpm

Location Relative to Tower:           Upwind

Cone Angle :                                 0º

Speed Range :                              45 - 69 rpm


Aerofoil :                   S819, S820, S821Series

Material:                    Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Lightning Protection : Standard Integrated System



Configuration:         Variable Speed Direct Drive

Tilt Angle :              4º

Generator Type:      Salient Pole Synchronous

Insulation Class:       NEMA H

Generating Speed : 45 - 69 rpm

Generator Rating:   100 kW w/ 1.15 Service Factor

Speed Control :       Caliper Brake, Dynamic Brake



Grid Tolerance:                     +10/-15% voltage; +/- 2Hz

Electrical Output :                 Ductile iron

Power Factor Compensation:  >0.99 PF at rated


Mechanical Brake:          Main Shaft Disc Brake w/ Dual Spring Applied Calipers

Electro-Dynamic Brake:  Parking and emergency backup



Type:                  Active Upwind

Damping System:  Adjustable Friction

Yaw Drive:          Electrically Driven Planetary Gearbox

Yaw Bearing:       Slew Ring



Type:                         Tubular Steel

Hub Height:                25 m, 32 m, 37 m

Corrosion Protection:  Marine Grade Paint



Type:  Concrete pads, piers or special


Tower:   Fully Enclosed, Ladder, Safety Climb

Nacelle:  Fully Enclosed



Type:                                   Northern WTGS-100 Controller, Microprocessor-based

Functions:                             Complete Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Remote Control/ Monitoring:  Aerodynamic tip brake. Parking brake for servicing

Power Electronics:                IGBT Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Converter


Temp Operating Range:  -46°C to 50°C (-50°F to 122°F)

Lightning Protection:     In Accordance with IEC 61024?1

Icing/Dust/Dirt Ice:        Cover to 30mm

Seismic Loading:           Zone 4



Rotor:                              875 Kg

Nacelle (excluding rotor):  6587 Kg

Tower (25 m):                  6500 Kg