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Enercon E33 330kW Wind Turbine

ENERCON's E-33 wind turbine makes it economically feasible to realise wind energy projects even at sites difficult to access. Their modular design allows for convenient container transport by ship and truck as well as efficient installation using one regular-sized lifting crane.

Enercon E33 330kw wind turbine

Rated power:       330 kW

Rotor diameter:    33.4 m

Hub height:          37 - 50 m

Wind class (IEC):   IEC/NVN I and IEC/NVN II  (depending on hub height)

Turbine concept:

Yaw control:            Active via adjustment gears, load-dependent damping

Cut-out wind speed: 28 - 34 m/s (with ENERCON storm control)

Remote monitoring:  ENERCON SCADA

Currently ENERCON is celebrating two significant milestones in the company's history.  They have installed over ten gigawatts of wind capacity and the second momentous occasion is the installation of the ten thousandth ENERCON wind turbine in the Hunsrück region (German state of Rhineland-Palatinate).

Both events are the fruit of our company's success and innovative technology.  While the first

ENERCON turbine was produced and installed by a tiny four man company in 1985, the thousandth

turbine was - ten years later - already being manufactured in a medium-sized firm

well on its way to conquering the international market. Today, another ten years later,

ENERCON has developed into a large-scale enterprise, producing sophisticated high-performance

gearless wind energy converters and is one of the few companies in the wind

turbine industry with outstanding vertical integration and a product portfolio containing

turbines ranging from 100 kW to 6 MW.

Such rapid development is first and foremost due to their employees' commitment and dedication.

Enercon E33 Cutaway


Type:                    Upwind rotor with active pitch control

Number of blades:  3

Swept area:           876 m2

Blade material:       Fibreglass (epoxy resin);  integrated lightning protection

Rotational speed:    Variable, 18 - 45 rpm

Pitch control:         ENERCON blade pitch system, one independent pitching system per rotor blade with                              allocated emergency supply

Drive train with generator

Hub: Rigid

Main bearings:  Single-row cylindrical roller bearings

Generator:  ENERCON direct-drive synchronous annular generator

Grid feeding: ENERCON converter

Braking systems:

3 independent blade pitch systems  with emergency supply

Rotor brake

Rotor lock