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Solar Panels Information and Benefits

Solar PV (PV) systems are now being widely installed in the UK;  as a result of the many benefits they offer users:

PV is the ideal technology for low carbon power generation in the built environment. Although payback periods may be longer than for other renewable power technologies, PV remains an attractive option for many reasons.

Power generation from PV systems clearly occurs during daylight hours, which results in virtually all power being used on-site. This also means offsetting purchased power at the highest rate.

PV panels are also less costly than many types of stone building cladding, and can be integrated into building structures during construction. This approach can be applied to pitched or flat roofs, with PV cells embedded into many types of roof covering including roof tiles and flat roof thermoplastic membranes. PV façade cladding is also an option, as is mounting PV on trackers that automatically follow the path of the sun.

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