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Solar Thermal Panels - Overview


Solar Thermal is an efficient way to use the suns heat to provide hot water in your home or business. Essentially the panels, fitted to a roof are exposed to the sunlight, they are black in colour to absorb the heat which is then used to warm tubing in the panel containing a glycol solution which then transfers this heat into a coil in a dual coil cylinder.  The second upper coil is heated in the conventional way by the boiler when insufficient heat is available from the solar panels.  This can be very efficient, up to 70% of a domestic properties hot water can be provided by solar thermal panels.  Modern regulations mean that new boilers must be condensing boilers, combining with solar panels is a very energy efficient way to get your hot water, there are no emissions and as such solar thermal is environmentally friendly.

Solar thermal systems can be fairly quick to install, they are best fitted on a south facing roof to get the maximum amount of sunlight, savings can mean that the system pays for itself in a relatively short time.

These systems are good for the environment and save CO2 and fossil fuels.  The rear of a property would be the ideal place to fit as some people, although this is subjective, do not like the appearance of panels on the front of a property, however  you can fit the panels on the front or back of a property.  Some panels are available in different colours to fit in with the roof colour.